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Dear colleagues and friends from the User Group for Laser Interference Biometry,

for more than 13 years the ULIB website has been a source of information for optical biometry and the Zeiss IOLMaster. It has been a site to exchange ideas, meet friends and get pearls of expertise and tips and tricks regarding optical biometry. A message board as well as a discussion group have been run until recently when we had to stop this service due to continued hacker attacks aimed at these services.
Our main job - optimizing and publishing IOL constants for optical biometry - has been increasing in numbers through the years making it more and more difficult to perform this task as an aside job. However, we want to continue offering this service to the ophthalmic community and will do so at the price of cutting down our other activities.
Carl Zeiss Meditec will continue the user group activities in the newly formed 'Cataract Community' with experts from all over the world many of which you may already know from ULIB. I therefore want to invite you to become members of the 'Cataract Community' and to continue your discussions in this group. The Cataract Community Team is looking forward to meet you at https://cataract-community.zeiss.com/ .

Best regards
Wolfgang Haigis


Last Revision: Oct 19, 2014 WH